There is no moving! Did Slováček take back and stay with Gelemová?

There is no moving!  Did Slováček take back and stay with Gelemová?

It is not so long since the artist confirmed the breakup with the saxophonist and still husband Dagmar Patrasová. But Felix probably doesn’t want to cut himself off from Gelem (38) yet. Although he agreed with his son that he would move in with him, according to the website, this did not happen. But where is Slováček?

Logically, there is a version that broke up, so he still shares the bed with his (ex) mistress. Would he finally end up marrying her and her offspring? Hard to guess, but leaving the household Gelemové he probably doesn’t burn it yet. For a month now, he has had the opportunity to share a house with Felix Jr. So far, however, he has not used this alternative.

“Dad doesn’t live with me. I have a place ready for him there, but I’m waiting for him to eventually move. “ said Express to the son of the famous musician at the performance of the finalists of Man of the Year. When asked how it is currently between him and the artist, his father refused to comment in any way for the mentioned editorial office. So time will tell!

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