The young liberals want a leader as early as possible

Les jeunes libéraux veulent un chef le plus tôt possible

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The former minister of Economy, Dominique Anglade, the former minister of Transport, André Fortin, and the new elected Marwah Rizqy have all expressed interest in the past few months by the post of the head of the liberal Party of Quebec.

To avoid internal divisions, the young liberals believe that it is urgent for the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) provides a chef and wish to be chosen before may 2020. The youth wing also believes that the party will have to redirect its image to place greater emphasis on the environment rather than federalism.

“It’s not going to hide it, the race for the leadership began on October 1st when we lost the election “, stresses Stéphane Stril, president of the Youth Commission of the quebec liberal party’s benefit. Some people have started to test the waters and to meet people. In fact, the teams began to form, and the race is on. “

Several liberal members of parliament have been eyeing in the chiefdom since the departure of Philippe Couillard. The former minister of Economy, Dominique Anglade, the former minister of Transport, André Fortin, and the new elected Marwah Rizqy are all said to be interested in the post in the last few months.

The external names of a number of figures continue to circulate, including that of the former mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, as well as that of the business man Mitch Garber.

If the first had not made the comments, the second has assured on Twitter not to be willing to engage in the leadership race.

The youth wing of the liberal believes that the more quickly the leadership will be set in motion, the more quickly the members of the party will be able to “restart the machine to regain the trust of Quebecers” by the time the next provincial election in 2022.

“What we said is that it is not necessary that it lasts too long because it can create clans and it is not necessary that it divides us, because the longer it lasts, the more it can cause scarring,” says Mr. Stril.

The main obstacle to the recruitment and engagement of members is the lack of a figurehead, supports Mr. Stril.

“It is more difficult to convince people to get involved where it has no project to offer, no new ideas to submit to them and that there is no figurehead at the head of the party is ready to become the next prime minister of Québec “, says he.

The interim leader, Pierre Arcand, has not wanted to comment on the exit of the young liberals, recalling that it has a duty of reserve. He also recalled that the rules of the campaign leadership would be announced at the general council which will be held on 4 and 5 may in Drummondville.


The election of their new leader will need to accompany the renewal of the image of the party, said the youth wing.

“For a good time, the simple fact of being [the party] federalist was enough to win elections, the national question was so this that the majority concurred with us almost by automatism […] today, we can no longer simply be seen as the party federalist, this is no longer enough,” says Mr. Stril.

The young liberals want the party to be seen in 2022 as that of the environment. “In the same way that we think about federalism and individual liberties, we want that when we think of the liberal Party of Quebec, we think of the environment,” he says.

“We need to change the perception that people have of us, that we rejuvinate our image, it is modernized as a party,” he adds.

Mr. Stril recalls that in the beginning of the campaign, the youth vote was in favor of the liberals, according to polls before the start of the election campaign.

“It was early in young people and, as soon as the campaign began, young people have looked at the various programs and realized that we didn’t talk a lot of environmental […] Necessarily, they are directed to Québec solidaire, but I don’t think that the majority of young people who voted for QS to be marxists or people of the extreme left “, said Mr. Stril.

Moreover, the president of the youth wing believes that his party should be bold in terms of the environment. “It’ll have to be brave and to propose binding measures. We can no longer simply stay in the incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of the planet, ” he insists.

He gives the example of the ban on plastic straws proposed by Philippe Couillard campaign, which according to him does not go far enough.

“It’s going to have to stop offer mesurettes which in the end will not have a big impact. Prohibit the straws, it is necessary, but I think that rather than offer small measures such as this, it is necessary to have a wider reflection on the use of plastic in our society and our dependence on plastic, ” he said.


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