The wife of Semak explained why not support the panic caused by coronavirus

Anna Semak, the wife of the head coach “Zenith” Sergey Semakhas told, why not support the panic that arose in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

“I do not support the panic. I encourage conscious part of the population to remain home to millions of people on the planet who have lost their jobs, quickly returned to their seats and did not depend on destroying life circumstances. It is not necessary to try on other people’s fate. Your story will be quite different. To think not only about yourself is more important,” wrote Anna Semak on his page in Instagram.

Жена Семака объяснила, почему не поддерживает панику, возникшую из-за коронавируса

Photo: “Instagram” Anna Semak

Flash COVID-19 was recorded in China in the end of last year. According to the latest data from the coronavirus passed away more than 21 thousand people. The number of infected has recovered more than 114 thousand


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