The waiting list in the immigration goes on

La liste d’attente en immigration s’allonge encore

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The government of François Legault wants to better align immigration with the needs of the labour market, but it is up to the skilled workers that it will close the door by 2019 to meet its commitment to reduce to 40,000 the influx of immigrants.

The CAQ account on Ottawa to slow down the progression of records in order to comply with its promise to limit the threshold of immigration at 40 000 people. Nearly 17,000 candidates awaiting their permanent place of residence will see their arrival in Quebec significantly delayed.

At the present time, no less than 41 200 people are waiting for a response from Ottawa to get to their place of residence permanently. The government, however, the CAQ has asked the federal government not to accept that 24 300 in 2019.

This means that 16 900 people who were at the last stage of the process should, at a minimum wait until 2020 before getting their permanent residence.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) was elected by promising that it would limit this year to 40 000 the number of immigrants admitted to Quebec. Gold this number, it is necessary to count the 16 000 refugees and people on family reunification that are already expected in the framework of the federal programs. Therefore, in order to reduce the total number of immigrants, the government should intervene on the only program that it controls — the skilled workers — by reducing the number of persons received to 24 300.

Cabinet minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, one is convinced that Ottawa will adjust by reason of the Canada-Quebec Accord. It states that Canada must ” take account of the views of Quebec with respect to the number of immigrants that the latter wishes to receive “.

The Ottawa side, it is said to have no intention to oppose it. “This is what is provided for in the Canada-Quebec Accord “, has summed up a source in the cabinet of the minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen.

The government Legault had already indicated in December that he planned to limit the number of immigrants received 24 300, but it had not been reported at the time that there were as many certificates of selection accepted in Quebec and waiting for a green light from the federal government.

On Tuesday, during question time, the quebec minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, has criticized the previous liberal government for having accepted too many people when he was in power. “What the liberals have done, is that there was no management of the application and at the federal level that has created inventories of 30 400 folders in 2017, 38 500 persons [in 2018], 41 of the 200 people currently at the federal level. This is the method of management of a liberal, another inventory. “

To mitigate the impact of the thresholds of immigration on skilled workers, the government of the CAQ is currently negotiating with Ottawa to be able to also reduce the proportion of cases for family reunification is accepted. Gold in the meantime, the impact focuses on the economic immigrants.

During this time, the national Assembly, critics continue to come out against the government Legault about another waiting list, one of the 18 000 records that it intends to cancel to reform the system of selection.

Tuesday morning, the minister Jolin-Barrette has repeated that it intends to comply with the injunction obtained by lawyers in immigration, which will force his department to continue to process the 18 000 records so that the bill 9 will not be adopted.

Gold to get there, there will be no addition of personnel within his ministry, has informed the minister in a media scrum.

The prime minister François Legault, has been reported to be in the ministry “at least a year” to process the 18 000 records. “It means that the new system Arrima, which combines the candidates’ qualifications with the needs of enterprises, can not be used before a year. We, we want to be able to use it as quickly as possible. “

Although the government hear to conform to the judgment, he has the intention to abandon the old system once the bill 9 adopted, has, however, added the prime minister. “There is a certain urgency to resolve the shortage of manpower,” he said.

Which prioritize ?

The fate decided on Tuesday that the minister Jolin-Barrette must precisely accommodate to a parliamentary committee, the group of lawyers who has been dragged before the courts, the quebec Association of lawyers and lawyers in immigration law (québec immigration lawyers association).

About 18 000 records, the spokesperson of the québec immigration lawyers association, Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, has suggested to the minister to give priority to the 4500 files sent to them before 2015 because they were transmitted at the time in a paper format and were already full. “They are ready to be processed tomorrow,” he said.

[…] the new system Arrima, which combines the candidates ‘ qualifications with the needs of enterprises, can not be used before a year. We, we want to be able to use it as quickly as possible.

— François Legault

Me Cliche-Rivard has then accused the minister of wanting to force new immigrants to stay in the region, which has strongly reacted to the minister and given rise to an exchange rather muscular.

Listen to the exchange between Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, and Simon Jolin-Barrette

The Commission then received a collections business, including the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB). His spokesperson, Martine Hébert, has suggested that we treat as a priority the pending files to people who are already working in Quebec.

To promote regionalization, Ms. Hebert stated that it would be “all alone” in the new system of stowage with the companies, since most of the applications come from the regions anyway.

Later that evening, community-based organizations in immigration have also decried the cancellation of the 18 000 records. For the Table de concertation des organizations serving refugees and immigrants (TCRI), it is a decision “radical” and “without consideration” to the individuals concerned. The TCRI has then recommended that the government give priority to the records of applicants who applied from Quebec.


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