The user “Montreal”: a season in the KHL canceled, but Romanov will be able to invite only 1 may

One of the leaders of “Montreal Canadiens” commented on the possible transition of the defender of CSKA Alexander Romanov in the NHL already this season, as the playoffs in the NHL will not be played and the NHL, most likely, their season will finish after stopping the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“Season in the NHL canceled, but the rules of the negotiations with the players in this League don’t change. Contracts are valid until 30 April, and that means to invite Alexander Romanov, we can not until may 1, will have to wait. But in Russia the rules are flexible. The club can terminate the contract before the deadline to offer a new, more generous contract players, which want to keep.

We maintain close contact with his agent and continue with formal negotiations as soon as possible. Our goal is to Novels we had in the next season, and we hope that it will be”, — quotes the words of one of the leaders of the “Canadiens” broadcaster RDS.

Romanov was selected as the “Montreal” in the second round (38th overall selection) draft-2018.


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