The transfigurations of light

Les transfigurations lumineuses

Photo: Vanessa Fortin
The dancer Annie Gagnon captures the wide diamond and rotates it slowly, making run of the flickering lights along the edges.

It is still too rare to see the work of a set designer presented as a part of the whole piece, and not as a simple backdrop in the service of another creator.

The carte blanche given by Tangent to the designer lights Cédric Delorme-Bouchard demonstrates how design can open up potential unsuspected, germinate a dance, magnify and record the magic in body and objects. Operator of the device of Slats, his first creation presented last may at the Usine C, the designer has invited the choreographers Annie Gagnon, Camille Lacelle-Wilsey and the collective Castel Blast to play the game of co-creation.

In the darkness resounds with a sound heavy and muffled thrilling the seats, while the imposing mechanism comes to cut the space in two of a bright line net.

Behind a wall of light whose intensity varies and that glitters peel off of the apparitions. In a first time, this will be the silhouette of a naked woman in the body atypical. Under the eye’s delicate Castel Blast and thanks to the use of lighting to sculpt his body into movement, the performer Katia Lévesque is transformed into deity. Front, profile, asking softly to the ground under the shower of light, the power of light to transform the body operates magically. Its simple gestures can highlight the elasticity and the roughness of his flesh. In the creases and folds of his skin demiurge, it is believed to appear briefly faces, figures living and strata of earth’s crust. At his side, wisps fluttering before that the silhouette is based again in the darkness.

Without transition, we enter another mystical vision with the appearance in the foreground of a geometric structure in three dimensions. The dancer Annie Gagnon captures the wide diamond and rotates it slowly, making run of the flickering lights along the edges. Against the light, the movements, angular dance that is deployed by moving through the space are in correspondence with the staggered rows across subtly the wall of light. In counterpoint, spirals and volutes of smoke participate to give scope and density of this ritual geometry where we see clusters of diamonds encrust and roll them on the skin. A proposal of choreography where the ground anchor fits into a landscape of ethereal and where the body-to-body with the three-dimensional object draws beautiful lines of flight.

Of mysticism to the crackling shimmer of the rainbow, Camille Lacelle-Wilsey and his interpreters operate a heartening break registry to conclude everything in the finale. Drum Solo to the support. Four performers and three musicians live come rock the space. In a sequence that interweaves physical theatre and dance, there is a solemn hymn supported by a dance of hands that seem to have a life alone. A round of night, and then a trio powered by the same breath and goofy onomatopoeia. A shadow that comes out of nowhere to wave red flags and feather dusters roses. A way to end in beauty this crossing three times, three movements, in a chaos of scenic and festive and salutary, that we glue a smile on her lips.

White card to Cédric Delorme-Bouchard

Three creations of Castel Blast, Annie Gagnon and Camille Lacelle-Wilsey presented by Tangent until the 24th of February at the Building Wilder – Espace danse.