The trade deficit of the United States to a record

Le déficit commercial des États-Unis à un record

Photo: Mark Ralston Agence France-Presse
The american flag floats above cranes and maritime transportation of the containers to Long Beach, California.

Donald Trump has failed to rebalance the trade of the United States in 2018, the trade deficit rising to a new level in ten years. Worse, the policy resolutely protectionist of the republican president could not prevent the record inflow of imports from China, Mexico and the european Union, despite the customs taxes punitive imposed on goods from abroad.

The deficit of goods and services amounted to 621 billion US $(+12,5 %), with a record both exports (+6.3 %) and imports (+7,5 %), was detailed to the Commerce department. Without the surplus on trade in services (+270,2 billion), the trade deficit reached the same 891,3 billion (+10.4 percent), an absolute record in the history of the first world power. What to ruffle Donald Trump, who has made reducing the deficit a priority of his economic policy.

891,3 billion

It is the trade deficit of the United States.

No offense to the president, Americans have an insatiable appetite for consumer goods, in particular chinese sold at a low price. Which is not necessarily bad news because a rise in the trade deficit usually accompanies a booming economy. This was the case in 2018 with a growth that has amounted to nearly 3 %, the goal of Donald Trump.

In the detail, “the United States recorded imports records from 60 countries, starting with China (539.5 structural billion), Mexico (346.5 billion) and Germany (125,9 billion),” said the department of Commerce.

4.6 billion

It is Canada’s trade deficit in December.

Record deficit in Canada

For its part, Canada’s trade deficit widened in December to $ 4.6 billion, a record according to Statistics Canada. The plunge in crude oil prices took its toll on exports, which declined 3.8% in the country in December. Excluding energy products, exports are nearly unchanged. Statistics Canada has observed that the imports into the country had increased from 1.6% in December.