The Town refused to postpone the project of the centre of composting

La Ville refuse de reporter le projet de centre de compostage

Photo: Olivier Zuida The Duty
The City of Montreal has decided, last week, awarding a contract of $ 175 million to the company Suez Canada Waste Services for the construction of a composting centre in Saint-Laurent.

The mayors of the related cities have asked — in vain — to the administration of Valérie Plant to delay the granting of the contract to $ 175 million for the construction of a composting centre in the borough of Saint-Laurent.

The elected members of the 15 demerged municipalities on the island of Montreal, have argued that they had little information about this costly project, in which their municipalities will have to contribute an amount of nearly 30 million.

Last November, the City had admitted that the costs of the five composting facilities and biogas that it wants to build the building had exploded.

It was finally decided, last week, to proceed by steps and to agree a single contract, that is, from 175 million to the company Suez Canada Waste Services for the construction of a composting centre in Saint-Laurent, and to postpone the construction of other plants. The centre should be inaugurated in September 2021.

Too expensive

The mayors of the related cities will be wondering, given the much higher costs than expected.

“Our strategy is based on a schedule that’s 10 years old. Is it that it is always the right strategy ? ” asked Monday, Beny Masella, mayor of Montreal West, surrounded by colleagues of other related cities. “When you look at the size of the investment, or 175 million, it’s worth looking at the file in depth before going forward. It is too much expensive. “

The mayors have asked the administration Plant to defer its decision for a month. A meeting is scheduled for Thursday with the head of sustainable development, Jean-François Parenteau, a few hours of the meeting of the agglomeration council, but according to Mr. Masella, the elected officials would need more time to make an informed decision.

Jean-François Parenteau believes that the mayors of the related cities have ” everything in hand to make an informed decision “. “It is at the stage where we must move forward and ensure that we can quickly provide service,” he said. “This is not a new project. This date of ten years. It was registered in the three year capital works Program. We arrive now at the stage of execution. “

According to him, it is important to treat the organic matter in plants on the island of Montreal to avoid useless transport. Mr. Parenteau advance that Montreal can only do business with factories outside of its territory, as was done Longueuil, given the amount of material that she will have to deal with.

The leader of the opposition, Lionel Perez, accuses the administration of having a lack of transparency in this folder. With the cost of expropriation is required, the bill rises to nearly 200 million, he reported.

A tender headed, believes the BIG

The invitation to tender drafted for the construction of the basin of the future aquatic Complex in Rosemont has not been conducive to free competition, writes the Office of the inspector-general of Montreal (BIG) in a report made public Monday.

Originally, the project team of the City had chosen a type of pool concrete, covered with ceramic tiles. It has, however, changed his mind on the advice of two professionals, Réjean Savard, a specialist aquatic company GBI consulting, and Daniel Fontaine, the architect firm Poirier Fontaine Architects (PFA). They have recommended that pools of modular type such as those manufactured by the company Myrtha Pools. The investigation by the oig revealed that the requirements of the tender favored Myrtha Pools, other providers that could hardly qualify. The inspector general recommends that the tender be amended so that it complies with the normative framework in force and that the firms PFA and GBI are not involved in the record of the basins of swimming pools following the call for tenders.

Formula electric: Plant stays the course in the face of prosecution

La Ville refuse de reporter le projet de centre de compostage

Sued personally by the promoters of Formula E to $ 24.8 million, the mayor Valerie Plant said on Monday that she would not be intimidated ” by these multi-millionaires of the entertainment “.

Last June, Formula E Operations (FEO) and the trustee in bankruptcy of Montreal-it’s electric (ERM), PricewaterhouseCoopers, had filed a lawsuit of $ 33 million for the mayor and the City of Montreal. The amount has been reduced to 24 million since, and the trustee is removed from the folder, but the lawsuit against the City and the mayor by FEO is maintained. The costs of lawyers to defend the City and the mayor have now reached 600 000 $.

Questioned about this on Monday, Valérie Plante reiterated the need to cancel the holding of the race of Formula E in 2019. “When we know that there are 24 millions of dollars that have been swallowed up in this event, that it has been poorly managed and that, it seems, there has been interference, I think we done well to go ahead,” she explained. “I will not let myself not be intimidated by these people,” she said.