The Sur-Aspasia RV Basketball Clinic, wanting to recover sensations

    The Sur-Aspasia RV Basketball Clinic, wanting to recover sensations

    Hugo López, during a training session.

    The coach Hugo López appeared at a press conference ahead of the game they face on the Palmer Alma Mediterránea court

    The Sur-Aspasia RV Basketball Clinic by Hugo López, wanting to win again, to regain feelings and to feel that things are working again. This was recognized by the Valladolid technician at a press conference two days after the Blanquivioleta are measured at home at Palmer Mediterranean Soul (Sunday, 12.00). Against the Balearic Islands, likewise, the Castilians face a match “important” against a tough opponent.

    “Palma is a rival that is immediately above us in the standings and it is an important game”, admitted Hugo Lopez at the beginning of his appearance. On the Balearic Islands, in addition, the Pucela coach highlighted their evolution and game system. “It is a very happy, dynamic and fast basketball in which any player can take a shot at any time. They play very open and brave, they are aggressive in defense and they will require us to be very focused and make a good defensive balance “he explained.

    Despite the last defeat against Covirán Granada, the Sur-Aspasia Clinic He did things well and Hugo López remains with that. “We have to compete at a good level, as we did in the second half against Granada. In this Group we play against the best and it requires us to be in all the details. The other day he promptly escaped us through free throws and we have internalized and assumed that. We have to continue to grow and adapt “said the Squirrels coach before adding that Jaan Puidet will remain out for the match.

    In order to Hugo Lopez, likewise, the meeting in the Balearic Islands it is not a final. “It’s an important game, but I don’t know if it’s the most so far this season. We can fight for the seventh place they occupy and that gives access to the playoffs, and we want to win again, feel that we do things well. We are focused to bring us victory “, he pointed.

    Finally, and asked about the dynamics of the team, the Pucela coach appreciated the work of his own. “I like that everyone participates and feels involved and involved in the dynamics. You have to look for the best resources to win in such a tough competition and adaptation in some cases is being difficult at the level of play and knowledge of the rivals “, he concluded.

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