The students will take to the streets to the climate

Les étudiants prendront la rue pour le climat

Photo: Jasper Jacobs Agence France-Presse
The strike movement for the climate that reached Montreal was spread in Europe in recent months.

In the wake of the strike an international climate that will be held on 15 march, at least 60 000 students in quebec should disengage this Friday to require the implementation of a plan of action to combat climate change much more ambitious. This is the first strike of its kind in the history of Quebec.

As specified in the Duty a spokesman for the movement “The planet is invited to the university,” Louis Couillard, more than 60 000 university students and college students have so far voted for a one-day strike. A figure that is expected to increase over the next few days “, since ” several meetings are planned this week “, in anticipation of the strike on march 15.

Mr. Couillard also says it is surprised by the magnitude that the movement has taken in Québec in the space of just a few weeks. It must be said that the grouping student “The planet is invited to the university” has launched its call for the release there’s just a month.

“We wanted to launch the debate, this is fact, and not only in colleges and universities, but also outside of it. It is now necessary to bring together all the actors of the civil society who are interested in this debate to create a genuine common front “, says Louis Couillard, a student in the bachelor of international studies at the University of Montreal.

The grouping, which includes events in seven cities of the province, including Montreal and Quebec, requires that governments adopt ” a climate bill forcing the achievement of the targets recommended by the intergovernmental panel on climate change “. According to the most recent IPCC report, to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, it will reduce CO2 emissions by 45 % by 2030, compared to 2010 level. It would then reach a “zero net” CO2 emissions around 2050.

The students, who are supported by teachers, are also calling for the establishment of a “program of education in ecology and awareness of the climate crisis,” and demanded that education institutions to remove their investments in fossil fuels.

Mobilization growing

The executive director of Environnement jeunesse, Catherine Gauthier, believes that there is a real ” momentum ” in Quebec in favour of the fight against climate change.

“With the mobilization around the Pact for the energy transition, the Declaration of climate emergency supported by several municipalities and the movement of The earth calls on the Parliament, one feels that the young people felt inspired and want to join the movement,” she said. Of high school students have been revealed for the climate in the last few weeks, in Montreal.

“Young people today have grown up in a time of climate change. They hear about environmental disaster, from their childhood. And it is increasingly clear, especially since the climate conference of Paris and the most recent IPCC report. At the same time, the young people feel that nothing is being done to combat climate change. So they want to respond to the fact that the issue is not dealt with at the height of the current emergency, ” says Ms. Gauthier.

Environment youth launched last fall with an action that is directly aimed at the canadian government, accused of having violated the human rights of the young generations by adopting a plan for the fight against climate change is inadequate and the objectives of which will not even be achieved.

Catherine Gauthier considers that the decisions of the governments, including the government of Quebec, should all be taken taking into account the objectives of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, it is doubted, in particular of the appropriateness of allowing the project Energy Saguenay, since the greenhouse gas emissions related to the project will exceed the seven million tonnes annually.

International strike

The students in quebec who are going to switch gears this week are part of an international call for a “strike climate” on march 15. According to the different information available, 500 events are planned in over fifty countries.

This appeal was originally launched by the Swedish Greta Thunberg, at the age of just 16 years, which launched last summer, a strike by school to require actions far more ambitious in combating climate change.

Following these speeches from the tribune of the UN Conference on the environment (COP24) in Poland and the world economic forum in Davos, she has become the figurehead of this movement of young people demanding political and economic decision makers are fully aware of the magnitude of the “crisis” that is global warming.

In a letter published march 1 in the british daily The Guardian, leaders involved in the movement are so-called outright “ignored” and “betrayed” by their elders. “Our generation has grown up with the climate crisis and we will have to live with this crisis for the rest of our lives. Despite this, most of us are not included in the decision-making, local and global. We are the future with no voice of humanity, ” they emphasized, in particular.

The Duty gives the word to young people

In anticipation of the day of strike action on climate scheduled for Friday, 15 march, The Duty has produced a series of video clips in order to give the word to young Quebecers who feel challenged by the challenge of the climate crisis. These capsules will be broadcast throughout the week on our Web site.