The story of when the ‘Tigre’ Azcrraga ran a footballer who had just been champion with America in the final against Chivas

    The story of when the ‘Tigre’ Azcrraga ran a footballer who had just been champion with America in the final against Chivas

    The interviews of some former footballers and technical directors that have been made public on the sports journalist’s YouTube channel, Javier Alarcn, have become popular in recent months for the anecdotes they have told that have stayed away from the spotlight.

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    This time it was the turn of Daniel the ‘Russian’ Brailovsky to sit down to talk with the communicator. The former footballer told the story of when he Club Amrica raised the league title of the Season 83-84 in which they defeated in the Final at Chivas del Guadalajara. The interesting thing about the anecdote came when he confessed an event that took place during the celebration hours after the game.

    The ‘Russian’ recalled that they had a party to celebrate the title they achieved, the board allowed them everything in that place where they celebrated with food and alcohol. The spirits were interrupted when Emilio Azcrraga Milmo joined the meeting to extend his appreciation for the achievement obtained; However, at the end of his speech, he pointed to one of the players and told him not to play with the eagles.

    I’m going to tell you an anecdote but without a name. We are champions against Chivas, we beat Chivas in the final, and they throw us a party, without our women, in one place, let’s all go, there are women, fuck it, suck, whatever you want. At one point the man (Azcrraga Milmo) arrives, all of us sitting down, keeping our mouths quiet, and after he spoke and congratulated us, he pointed a finger at a player and said: ‘You don’t play with America anymore.’

    Brailovsky wanted to avoid a possible controversy and decided not to give the footballer’s name; However, due to the profile he mentioned during the anecdote and the club’s casualties the following season, it is speculated that he was referring to Hector Tapia. It is worth mentioning that the now retired soccer player was involved in a scandal due to problems with drinking and physical abuse of the actress Merle Uribe who was his wife at the time.

    He had found out that this character did things that he should not do in the tournament, understanding what he represented or the institution he represented, and that guy who played a lot with America and came out champion with America, no longer played.

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