The sovereignty of “First snow/First Snow”

Les souverainetés de «Première neige/First Snow»

Photo: Bruno Guérin
Thierry Mabonga embodies a Scottish congolese origin.

Fruit of a collaboration between the National Theatre of Scotland, the Théâtre PÀP and Production, Hotel-Motel, First snow/First Snow is presented at the Quat’sous having been created at the Edinburgh Fringe last August. Exploring ” the similarities of historical, political differences and the similarities cross-cultural between Scotland and Quebec “, the text of Davey Anderson, Philippe Ducros and Linda McLean is directed by Patrice Dubois.

It starts as a good old family reunion, those that promise to be as precious as heavy rain, those who pass without warning from affection to anger, from love to hate. It is the mother who has invited his family, starting with her daughters : the first-born among?e (Guillermina Kerwin), who lives in New York, and the youngest (Charlotte Aubin), anti-globalization believes, who is accompanied by his spouse, a Scottish congolese origin (Thierry Mabonga). Are also his adoptive son, (Francois Bernier), Quebec ” strain “, his brother (Harry Standjofski), who came to Toronto, and his long time friend (Fletcher Mathers), who came from Scotland. This microcosm of family, a metaphor for the Quebec of today, is a time of balance sheets.


To (re)read

Reconnect with the hope that policy by the theatre, and The independence between the scene in Edinburgh

Men and women of all ages and from diverse backgrounds observe the past in order to better project ourselves in the future. They wonder about their heritage, intimate as well as collective, to choose what they are going to bequeath to following generations. A question that seems to hover above them : is it still possible ? Between the four walls of an ancestral home that is prized by the children, somewhere in the quebec countryside, we touched on a variety of topics, all related to the concept of sovereignty, be it personal, social or territorial. Between the protagonists and the actors who interpret them, the boundaries are deliberately blurred, the matches are cultured in an eloquent and also highly moving.

On a wooden floor, a scene almost empty, except for a piano and a few chairs, often speaking directly to the public, in French as in English, the troupe evokes the chess referendum, those of Quebec and that of Scotland, the October crisis and the Spring maple. She wonders about the benefits and the ravages of capitalism, the fear of aging and the relevance of bringing a child into the world, the relation to the earth and the role of the item there are a few moments powerful, but in general we just fly over the territory mined in the quebec identity. That said, if he does not dare to enter himself in the heart of the matter, the show could well be the trigger for some of the discussions well facilitated.

First snow/First Snow

Text : Davey Anderson, Philippe Ducros and Linda McLean. Directed by : Patrice Dubois. A co-production of Théâtre PÀP, Productions, Hotel-Motel and the National Theatre of Scotland. At the théâtre de Quat’sous until march 23. Bilingual show with surtitles.