The royal family will not forgive Harry! This is the definite end ?!

The royal family will not forgive Harry! This is the definite end ?!

Royal fans held their breath when it turned out that Harry planned to write down his memoirs and sell them for a whopping $ 20 million.

The publishing house “Penguin Random House” has revealed that a book about the life of the prince will go on sale next year. He was assisted in writing by Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer.

It’s hard not to notice that Harry’s relationship with his family has been far from correct for some time.

At first, he and his wife decided to resign from their royal duties, then they gave a sensational interview to Oprah, and finally the prince himself willingly spreads about the secrets of the dynasty and his mistreatment by other members of the clan.

No wonder that the prince’s relatives became furious when they learned that their relative would once again publicly wash the dirty laundry. As reported by “The Sun”, they are furious that Harry has not even bothered to inform them of his plans.

The prince’s plans particularly touched William and Charles, who are aware that it will be difficult to fend off a media attack after the prince’s publication. They realize that there may be statements that they will have to explain.

Queen Elizabeth II, who repeatedly tried to reach out to the rebellious spouses, also felt offended. She even invited the Sussex to her anniversary and was glad to see her great-grandchildren soon.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, she is beginning to regret trying to end the war with her grandson and his wife.

What do you think, is this really the nail in the coffin of Harry’s relationship with his family?

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