The revived political flame of Christiane Gagnon

Member of Parliament for the riding of Quebec for 18 years, Christiane Gagnon has the firm intention to resume her lost fief in 2011. The Bloc Québécois says it has rekindled its political fire, especially because several projects in the Quebec City region have not moved.
“When I look at the painting of the Quebec Bridge, it’s not settled yet. It’s like a comeback for me. It’s like in 1993! “She interviews the Sun from New York, where she participates in a jazz event.

The 71-year-old woman does not like to say that she is retired. “I never stopped. Retirement for me is like a second wind to carry out projects that are important to me, “she says.

Ms. Gagnon assures that she has the energy to make an active campaign and a four-year term if she is elected. “I know very clearly what I’m getting into. I do not have grandchildren, so I have time to spare to defend the Quebec City area. ”

Christiane Gagnon had already opened the door to a return to politics in 2015, before taking her turn, citing political and personal reasons. “I had a good time off the policy. When we come back, we feel good. It’s as if the passion of the beginning came back. ”

Chef change

The fact that the Bloc Québécois is now led by Yves-François Blanchet also weighed heavily. “He has leadership, he is able to build a good team around him. There will be a return to the Bloc Québécois this year, I’m sure. It remains to be seen how large. ”

Ms. Gagnon believes that the Bloc is the party “best positioned” to represent the consensus of the citizens of Quebec, whether in the environment or on the issue of secularism. The fact that a government of the Coalition avenir Quà © bec is in power and that it has drawn up a series of files to be negotiated with Ottawa would also favor its party. “Whether you are a nationalist or a separatist, the fact remains that there is a certain amount of work to be done in Ottawa. There is frustration that we are always in a cul-de-sac. ”

Christiane Gagnon is not afraid to face outgoing Liberal MP and Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. “I would say that for the past four years, we have not heard much on some issues where he should have put his political weight in the Trudeau cabinet,” she says, thinking in particular of the famous painting of the Quebec Bridge.

In Quebec, the Conservative Party presents Bianca Boutin, a young mother who until recently was a press secretary with the Quebec Liberal Party.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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