The President of sporting going on their own to save people from coronavirus

Specialist will work as a doctor.

Президент Спортинга намерен своими силами спасать людей от коронавируса

The President of the Portuguese sporting frédéric Varandas in his Instagram account said it will work as a physician in Portugal during coronavirus.

“For generations our parents and grandparents, but for the present, which cannot grow in a country suffocated by a serious economic crisis. For all of them for Portugal. Let’s do it! Each in their own way.”

“Someone who cares about the sick, someone bakes bread, the other to inform the Portuguese, others are working to support the economy and the country. I have served the country, today I will do it again until a state of emergency. And I will be returning whenever it will take Portugal. Let’s help the country all together”, – wrote the expert.

It is worth noting that Frederic Arandas worked as a medic during combat operations in Afghanistan and is now ready to help the country in a difficult time.

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