The PQ unveiled its plan of action towards a refoundation

Le PQ dévoile son plan d’action vers une refondation

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
The president of the Parti québécois, Gabrielle Lemieux

In the aftermath of the departure of the smashing of the mp Catherine Fournier, the executive of the Parti québécois has opened a part of his game by the end of the day on Tuesday by unveiling the action plan, on which he participated with Ms. Fournier. It provides that an extraordinary congress — the second in the party’s history — will allow the fall to see the birth ” of a new vehicle policy “.

“One does not use the terms reconstruction, revival or reformation, but they all are valid,” says the Duty of the president of the party, Gabrielle Lemieux. “In a process of the extraordinary congress, we want to ask all the questions, give yourself the leeway to make any necessary changes. We will end up with a new vehicle policy, a new Party in quebec. “

The action plan, which is a summary of the proposal that will be made by the national executive board to the activists gathered in the national council on march 23 and 24 — is divided into three points :

– To unite the sovereignist “around a discourse of an uninhibited, constructive, and modern on the freedom and the pride of quebec” ;

– Make an inventory of the PQ and the pro-independence movement ; to review the principles and priorities of the party, state them clearly and better define the project for the province of Quebec ;

– Review the functioning of the program to ” refocus on the priorities “… and the resources of the party on independence.

“Everything will be on the table, except for the fact that we are pro-independence,” says Gabrielle Lemieux. “We want to do an inventory of the PQ and the sovereigntist movement. “

Specifically, if the proposal is adopted, the national council which will be held in ten days will be the starting point of the projects proposed. The extraordinary congress, to him, would serve to conclude the process.

The leadership would, for its part, held after the fiscal year or in 2020. “We will then be able to have a vehicle squarely focused on the independence, which has refurbished its operation. And the leader will be elected then : thus, the party as a whole, and not only one person, will be engaged in a process of changes of ways of doing things. “

According to Ms. Lemieux, the PQ had planned to unveil the strategy on Monday morning… at the moment where Catherine Fournier confirmed that she was leaving the training to sit as an independent.

Being a member of the executive of the party, Ms. Fournier has therefore been able to participate in the development of the action plan. Should understand of his departure that she did not believe in its chances of success ? “She was quite aware of the work, says Gabrielle Lemieux. She was rather reserved and didn’t much commented on, if at all, the plan as such. “

“But she will not be able to say that the observations that she made were not facts within the party. Of the findings difficult. It is very lucid, there are a lot of things on the table… and it is for this reason that there is a lot of misunderstanding in relation to its decision. “

The first extraordinary congress of the PQ was held in 1985, around the constitutional position of the party.

Other details will follow


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