The political class in quebec reacts to the revelations of Wilson-Raybould

La classe politique québécoise réagit aux révélations de Wilson-Raybould

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
Sonia LeBel said he “was rather concerned for the respect of our institutions.”

The attorney general of Quebec (QMP), Sonia Lebel, did not see the perspective where it would intervene in a lawsuit aimed at SNC-Lavalin.

The Act respecting the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) allows the QMP to” intervene in first instance or on appeal “in an action that” raises, in its view, matters of general interest that go beyond those usually raised in criminal and penal prosecutions “.

Like the ex-attorney general of Canada (PGC), Jody Wilson-Raybould, Mrs Lebel could see a case for the giant montreal consulting engineering land on his desk. In fact, the DPCP will work, according to The Press, to prepare the filing of charges against SNC-Lavalin in conjunction with the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP).

“[The intervention of the QMP in a lawsuit, it is an exceptional procedure. At the time we speak, I did not intend to intervene in this folder and nothing let me think that I will have to do, ” said Ms. Lebel in an impromptu press on Thursday. “If one day, the decision changes because circumstances change or the information we may hold change, I will do so with full transparency. I will have to explain to the people why I intervene in this folder to avoid allegations of political pressure, and explain to the public interest “, she added.

See the intervention of Sonia LeBel

For his part, the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, has reiterated his willingness to ” protect SNC-Lavalin to the extent that it may do so legally “. He took care to recall that SNC-Lavalin employs 9000 people in Canada, 3,400 of whom are in Quebec. “SNC has admitted his wrongs, has changed the direction of the company, has changed the board of directors has created an ethics committee inside. Efforts have been made. As a government, it is necessary to take into account what they have done, ” he insisted.

The prime minister, François Legault, has reminded us once again that the prospect of a gap of the consulting engineering firm of public procurement during the decade following a guilty verdict ” creates big problems and major risks for the jobs “. Mr. Fitzgibbon was more direct : “no More contracts, more employees “.

See the intervention of François Legault

Ms. Lebel expressed concern about the allegations of intense lobbying from the part of the prime minister Justin Trudeau on Ms. Wilson-Raybould, encouraging him to enter into a repair agreement with SNC-Lavalin in spite of the contrary opinion of the Director of public prosecutions (DPP). “If what is alleged is true, it is indeed worrisome that there has been pressure. And that, that worries me greatly, “she declared, after having said that he did not want to” play to who’s right ” between Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Wilson-Raybould.

Mr. Fitzgibbon has not thrown the stone to the federal prime minister. “If I had been prime minister of Quebec, I would have been to see the minister of Justice to see why we can’t make an agreement of correction,” -he said. “I would have wanted to understand. “

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