The muse teenager of the climate in Paris to inspire the youth

L’égérie adolescente du climat à Paris pour inspirer la jeunesse

Photo: Francois Mori, Associated Press
Greta Thunberg tried Friday to Paris to inspire the young French people, until now relatively little used, in which a thousand marched in the capital.

After having been the instigator of the protests of young people to the climate emergency in several countries in Europe, Greta Thunberg, Swedish, 16 years old, came Friday to Paris to inspire the young French people, until now relatively little used, in which a thousand marched at his side in the capital.

“Change the system = save the climate “, ” Save the Earth, eat a lobbyist “, ” Do we not look, join us ! “: placards in their hands and slogans in the mouth, a thousand demonstrators marched in the centre of Paris, under a radiant sun. The previous week, they were five times less in front of the ministry of the ecological Transition, in the French capital. But Friday, the heroine of the struggle for the climate was coming to support, if not inspire, young French people.

“I would have come, whether it is there or not. But it is very good that someone embodies the movement, and it is the perfect figure of the claims, ” says Tess, 21 years old and a student in the procession. She has clear ideas and developed and she dares to attack the policies. “

Accompanied by several other young people from Belgium and Germany, the youth of Swedish has given a press conference in the open air, in front of dozens of journalists and in the presence of the French actress Juliette Binoche. “I never would have imagined that it would become so big and I think it is amazing “, she replied to a journalist who asked her if she imagined such a movement six months ago.

The teenager should be received by the president and Emmanuel Macron in the early evening, at his request. She had to be accompanied by several young Belgians, the Germans and the French committed as she in the fight for the climate, and that it wished to have at his side, said the French presidency.

Thursday, before the president of the european Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Greta Thunberg had called on the EU to adopt a target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 % by 2030, “twice as aggressive” as the current commitment of the block in the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit warming to +2 °C, ideally +1.5 °C compared to the pre-industrial era.

Without receiving a ” no promise concrete “, she explained.

“You need to move “

“We should not be there. But you shouldn’t be here no more “, have launched to the journalists, youth activists, before heading to the event in paris. “You should be posing these questions to the politicians who do nothing. “

The fame of Greta Thunberg has exceeded the borders of sweden since August and the beginning of his strike, a weekly school to go sit in front of the Swedish parliament.

The girl was invited in December to speak at the 24th UN conference on climate in Poland. In January, in Davos, it is the economic elite in the world with its private jets, as Greta Thunberg has tancée.

Since then, the movement has spread in Germany — the events in this country gather together each week, often more than 15 000 people since mid-January — in Australia, the United Kingdom, and more timidly in France.

And if more than 80 000 people marched at the end of January at the call of the collective citizens and NGOS, the mobilization for the defence of the climate is regularly eclipsed by the events on a regular basis ” yellow vests “, these French are protesting for several months against the social and tax policies of the president and Emmanuel Macron.

“There have been other social movements that are very present in France, acknowledged Friday Romaric Thurel, 22, a coordinator of” Youth for Climate France “.

“The future is now, and it is necessary to start to move !” said, in the procession of parisian Lou Horiot, 15 years. On 15 march, it will not be in Paris, but to Berlin. Where she hopes to participate in the “strike for the climate”, world called by… Greta Thunberg.