The Ministry of health evaluated the risk of severe coronavirus in older people

The risk of severe infection coronavirus infection or death from it at the age of 60 years is 3.3%, over 70 years old — 8% in those older than 80 years is 15-20%, said the chief geriatrician of the Ministry of health of Russian Federation, doctor of medical Sciences, Director of the Russian gerontological scientific clinical center Olga Tkacheva.

“I’ll give you the statistics: the risk of severe viral infections, of which we speak, and even the risk of death in the age of “60 plus” — 3,3%, in the age of “70 plus” — 8%, in the age of “80 plus” 15 and even 20%”, — quotes Tkachev RIA “Novosti”.

She said that the elderly for any infection is harder than the rest, as age weakens the immune system, so when an elderly person is faced with the infection, the immune system is produced with difficulty.


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