The maturity of seduction

Trois-Rivières – When she goes on stage in the Thompson Hall on May 1 to perform the musical “The Carmen Mystery”, soprano Marie-Josée Lord will feel at home and for more than one reason.
The first is that the singer lives in Trois-Rivières for three years now. The fundamental reason, however, is that the singer has reached this level of maturity that makes her perfectly at ease on the stage, especially in the stripped formula offered by the show that brings her back to her first years of professional life while she was doing a lot of recitals. She returns to the base of her profession, in short, with a lot of luggage and an absolute confidence in her means.

It is important to specify what is this singular project entitled The mystery Carmen. We owe it first and foremost to the writer and music lover Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt who wrote the plot of this show in which he tells the life and career of the composer Georges Bizet by enamelling his story extracts various works. Schmitt’s posture is that the opera Carmen is her flagship work: not simply because she is the best known but because it corresponds to the outbreak of Bizet’s long repressed genius. In fact, Carmen’s liberated and flamboyant character comes out of the straitjacket in which his upbringing and the society in which he lived locked him up to finally demonstrate all his talent.

The formula chosen by the creator is that of the musical show. We find Schmitt himself, as a narrator on a round stage and rather naked around a piano but supported by the interpretation of Bizet arias by soprano Marie-Josée Lord and young tenor Jean-Michel Richer. The staging was entrusted to Lorraine Pintal since it is a creation of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.

To listen to Marie-Josée Lord talk about it, it seems that the soprano could not find more pleasant project. “It is, in a way, a chamber opera. There is a closeness to the public that you can not have in traditional opera when you are supported by an orchestra. I love the intimacy it creates. I think it’s particularly interesting for the public because of that intimate character that makes you feel like you’re sharing it. ”

“Moreover, The Carmen Mystery is a work that has educational qualities that make us know Bizet himself and his creative process. It allows you to better appreciate your music, to better understand it and to savor the beauty of it by putting it in parallel with your own life. It brings the public closer to the opera and I think it’s an excellent thing: it’s important to remove the haughty side we always associate with opera. Basically, let’s not forget, opera was a folk art. ”

Interpreting Bizet tunes in a minimal coating, far from intimidating Marie-Josée Lord, stimulates her. Maturity question. “First, it’s close to the recital formula that’s been in most of my career. In addition, I am very comfortable with my voice, better than it has ever been. The voice is the reflection of our whole being. It’s like good wine: as it gets older, it is balanced, the defects of youth are reduced to a more harmonious whole, expressing all its subtleties. After more than two decades of career, I no longer feel the need to prove anything, I only seek to give the best of myself by offering truth, an authenticity that I could not have in my youth.”

What is true for her voice is also true for the performer she is. “I feel good singing Carmen because he’s a very interesting character, certainly, but also because I’m more mature. I have enough scenic experience to know how to give him all the necessary energy but there are aspects of the character that only the experience of life could make me understand. At age 20, one can interpret his passion and his power of seduction. At my age, it is all the art of its seduction that can be expressed with its many subtleties. It makes a big difference and it greatly enriches the character who remains very current by the audacity of this emancipated and independent woman. It’s very nice to play such a strong and dominant woman. ”

In addition, she found Eric Emmanuel Schmitt a brilliant and pleasant accomplice. “He is a storyteller of great talent, a lover of words but also of music because he has a musical background. He is a very simple person despite his great culture and I was surprised to see how much he accepts to show his fragility. It is a pleasure to work with him. “

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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