The mask in Galicia is no longer mandatory for outdoor sports if there is distance

    The mask in Galicia is no longer mandatory for outdoor sports if there is distance


    The mask for individual outdoor sports will not be mandatory from Monday. With this measure, Galicia adapts its current regulations on the use of this protection element which, until now, was a mandatory requirement throughout the community.

    Last Wednesday, the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) agreed to modify the so-called ‘law of normality’, which included legislation on the use of the mask that the Xunta called “outdated” and, of In fact, the government itself understood that some aspects had to be modified.

    One of them was the one that pertains to the sandy areas, in which the use was mandatory at all times, compared to the Galician regulations that, for example, exempted at the time of lying in the sun. On the contrary, Galicia was more restrictive in the use of the mask in sport and demanded it at all times, an issue that now modulates: it will continue to be mandatory in urban spaces, but not in outdoor environments when there is a safety distance.

    The Official Gazette of Galicia (DOG) will collect the changes this Friday, but they will be applicable from next Monday, as well as the adaptation of the list of municipalities that change the level of restrictions due to their epidemiological situation.

    So things, The mask will be mandatory when practicing sports on public roads, in streets, avenues, promenades, squares and public transit roads or other places where pedestrians regularly circulate and are actually circulating at that time.. It will also be mandatory for activities that involve a physical effort of a non-sporting nature comparable to this, outdoors and individually, another of the differences with respect to state regulations and that makes the most restrictive measures in Galicia.

    It will not be enforceable

    However, the use of the mask will not be required in the case of individual sports in outdoor spaces, exclusively during sports practice, provided that, taking into account the possible concurrence of people and dimensions of the place, se can guarantee the maintenance, at all times, of the distance of 1.5 meters with other people or athletes who do not live together.

    Or as the councilor for Health, Julio García Comesaña, said in recent days, “not on a forest track”, but for places like streets where people walk.

    Tobacco use

    In the particular case of the consumption of tobacco or electronic cigarettes, as well as food and beverages, in the public thoroughfare or outdoor spaces, the obligation to use the mask may only be exempted, and exclusively during the indicated consumption, provided that the person does it while standing and outside the usual places of pedestrian circulation.

    In such a way that, taking into account the possible concurrence of people and the dimensions of the place, the maintenance, at all times, of the distance of two meters with other people. It will also be applicable for the use of any tobacco inhalation device, water pipes, hookahs and assimilates.

    Use of masks on the beach

    The mask will not be required in the sea, beaches and swimming pools, and outdoors or covered, lakes, reservoirs, rivers or in other bathing areas at the time of bathing and while remaining in a specific space, without moving and provided that can guarantee respect for the interpersonal safety distance between all non-living users.

    In any case, sThe use of a mask is mandatory for access, travel and walks on the beaches and swimming pools, lakes and other aquatic environments, as well as for the use of changing rooms in public or community pools, except in showers.

    In the hotel and restaurant establishments, by the clients of the establishment, it will not be required in the moments strictly necessary to eat and drink.

    The Xunta recalls the proper use of this protection element, which must cover from the part of the nasal septum to the chin, both inclusive.

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