The Los Andes 2 Sports Complex must be delivered in June

    The Los Andes 2 Sports Complex must be delivered in June

    By TVMAX

    08/04/2021 – 5:14 PM

    The Los Andes 2 sector in the San Miguelito district will have a modern sports complex valued at 17.6 million balboas that will benefit an entire community that loves sports and social activities.

    The facilities have a football stadium with synthetic grass with FIFA specifications (102 × 67), which can also be divided into three small courts to be used by schools and sports academies that work with children, has grandstands for 1,450 fans comfortably seated in armchairs, thermo panel cover, dressing rooms for both teams and referees, public restrooms, clinic, elevators, three quick evacuation stairs and equipment area.

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    Los Andes 2 Sports Complex is soon to be delivered

    The Sports Complex must be delivered in June, contemplates a stadium that will be used for Little League and Softball with capacity for 320 people, indoor multipurpose court for the practice of basketball, volleyball, futsal and next to it a small synthetic court.

    Under the roof there is also a semi olympic pool with bleachers, areas for gym weights, gymnastics, aerobics, dances, events room and training.

    The Los Andes Sports Complex 2 will have space for parking for 150 cars including space for people with reduced mobility.


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