The level of the Magog River on the rise

The pressure of Memphremagog and Magog lakes forces the authorities to significantly increase the flow of Rock Forest Dam. Result: the level of the Magog River in Sherbrooke is on the rise.
It is not expected that many waterfront homes will be flooded. Sandbags were distributed to a citizen whose home might be most at risk from the water.

Hydro-Sherbrooke and the Municipal Organization of Civil Security (OMSC) held a press briefing on this subject on Wednesday morning. We wanted to reassure the population.

“Lake Magog is at its maximum. So we decided to open Rock Forest Dam at 10 am maximum. We do not know yet what will be the maximum level of the river, “said Christian Laprise, director of Hydro-Sherbrooke.

“It’s an exceptional situation. We are on the lookout. Management is done hour by hour. The most sensitive points are between Rock Forest Dam and Drummond Dam. All the dams have been open for the last few days, except for Rock Forest, which is keeping Lake Magog. ”

When the dam, located near the village of Rock Forest, was opened, there was a slight Magog level flood, but then dropped, Laprise added.

The OMSC was used. Automatic messages have been made among residents who are more likely to see the water rise quickly, says Stéphane Simoneau, coordinator of the organization.

“A residence is located at the water level. We took steps to protect it. For others, we have a foot or two of room for maneuver, “he says.

“It’s a necessity. Hydro-Sherbrooke must let the water pass. We are therefore in prevention. We assist the people of the area. We are going to reach limits that we have rarely reached. It can raise questions. ”

About 30 homes are targeted by automated calls, adds Simoneau. Other residents do not have to fear the sudden flood, but worried people can contact the fire department who can go and see on the spot.

“We can predict the maneuvers, so we can assess who will be affected or not, because there is a maximum amount of water that can pass in the dams,” he notes.

“The Saint-François is down, but we can predict that there will be a stir in the coming days.”

This waking state lasted a few more days, says Mr. Laprise.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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