The League of north american is also taking steps to counter racism

La Ligue nord-américaine adopte des mesures pour contrer le racisme

Photo: Ligue nord-americaine de hockey / The canadian Press
The defender jonquiérois Jonathan-Ismael Diaby has been the target of supporters, who have launched insults of a racist nature.

In the wake of racist incidents that occurred in Saint-Jérôme last Saturday, the League of north american hockey (LNAH) has adopted new measures.

Thus, after matches of Friday, a message will be issued before each duel reminiscent of the zero tolerance of the LNAH with respect to acts or discriminatory remarks. Spectators violating these rules will be immediately expelled. Security will be reinforced in all the amphitheatres of the circuit .

The officers will also be instructed to halt any game in which such incidents were to occur until the expulsion of the spectators misconduct, announced the league by issuing a press release on Thursday.

During a match involving the Marquis de Jonquière and the Oil in the North of Saint-Jérôme, the defender jonquiérois Jonathan-Ismael Diaby has been the target of supporters, who have launched insults of a racist nature in addition to show him videos of monkey while he was in the penalty box.

The former choice of the Predators of Nashville was also found that it was taking on his family. Fearful of not being able to keep his cool after being handed a second penalty, he himself asked the referee to purge it in the locker room. It is at this point that he decided to go look for his family — Diaby is a native of the region — and to leave the arena regional Rivière-du-Nord.

According to the description of the events of Diaby, the security service, instead of putting wrongdoers outside, has asked his family to move, while it is just ask the man who showed him videos of racist on the bench to sit down.


It was after these incidents that the governors of the circuit and its commissioner, Jean-François Laplante, decided “to implement a series of measures which will help to ensure a better security for all the people who came to attend to [the] matches and to inform the public on expectations and on the remarks and behaviour will not be tolerated during the activities” of the LNAH.

“We are pleased to welcome supporters, parents and friends of our players, as well as the general public, on all our games and we want to offer them a good spectacle of sport in an environment that is safe and enjoyable,” said Laplante.

“We condemn any behaviour or racist, sexist or homophobic to a player, a coach or an official and we will not tolerate anyone. “