The law society warns the government

Le Barreau met en garde le gouvernement

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
In an exchange particularly keen with the representative of the Barreau du Québec, the minister Jolin-Barrette, said that the previous governments have removed article 9, giving the right “to impose conditions which affect the permanent residence for immigrants when it issues a certificate of selection.

In addition to having to repay $ 19 million to candidates for immigration behind the 18 000 records cancelled, the government is likely to pursue damages and interest, according to the Bar of Quebec.

“Yes, there are still possibilities of prosecution,” said the representative of the Bar, Hugues Langlais, during his visit to the parliamentary Commission on bill 9, on Tuesday evening. In addition to the cost of the filing fees that the government is committed to repay, it costs on average between 1000 and 2000 $ to the candidates for the immigration to set up their folder, he argues.

By multiplying this amount by 18 000 (the number of records), you get a bill ranging between 18 and 36 million dollars. This amount is in addition to the 19 million that the government of Quebec has committed to pay for the filing of records.

“It is not only the costs of immigration, it is the translation fees, the costs of certification, testing language “, has explained to Me Langlais, stressing that these tests were “valid for two years” and that it was necessary to resume them if the folder was slow to be processed.

In exchange, the liberal member for Bourassa, Paule Robitaille, asked Me in English if the bill did not include the “serious risk” and did not become a ” minefield open to any form of dissent “. What I Langlais said, ” absolutely.”

Last week, The Duty and other media had reported that the law society had declined a last-minute invitation of to be present at the Commission due to lack of time to properly prepare. However, he was finally able to be heard thanks to an addition to the schedule Tuesday, 20-h.

In his presentation, the organization has also harshly criticized article 9 of the bill by which the minister gives himself the right to ” impose conditions which affect the permanent residence for immigrants when it issues a certificate of selection.

In an exchange particularly keen with his representative to Me Réa Hawi, the minister Jolin-Barrette — who is himself a lawyer, recalled that Quebec had already had such power and that the governments prior to him have removed. “Me, I can assure you that, as a minister of the government of Quebec, I’ll always defend the prerogatives of the quebec nation, I ensure that Quebec has the entire, or the maximum of powers in respect of immigration,” he said.

Later in the afternoon, the ombudsperson expressed his tour “worried” by the impact of the cancellation of the 18 000 records, about which she is said to have received ” numerous complaints “.

Saying it was particularly concerned about the 6,000 people who are already working in Quebec among the 18 000 who are waiting for an answer, the ombudsman asked the minister to ensure that their files are treated now, without that they need to resume their efforts in Arrima.

To ” limit the damage “, it recommends in addition that it will also reimburse the expenses incurred by the candidates for the language examinations (450 $) and send them to all of the excuses and explanations in writing.

The day has also revealed that the City of Montreal is afraid of a lack of workers due to “the combined effect” of the reduction of levels of immigration and the priority given to the regionalization of the workforce.


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