The irish society iCabbi puts the hand on the technology team of Teo Taxi

La société irlandaise iCabbi met la main sur l’équipe technologique de Téo Taxi

Photo: Paul Chiasson Archives The canadian Press

Shortly after Teo Taxi had put an end to its activities, at the end of the month of January, the irish company iCabbi has laid hands on the technology development team of the montreal company, in addition to opening a new office in the metropolis.

Touting the application Teo Taxi, which was very well rated by its users, iCabbi explained by press release that its global clientele can now take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the team in montreal in terms of user experience, data science and integration of electric vehicles and the artificial intelligence in the management of fleet.

According to Gavan Walsh, p.-d. g. of iCabbi, it was an “opportunity not to be missed” and Montreal is “the perfect place” to start the expansion north american company.

The Montreal team brings the total membership of iCabbi to 151 people.

The company enjoys a presence across Canada, the United States and Europe.

According to the company, more than 70 000 taxis and transport vehicles use the technologies of iCabbi around the world. Its platform currently manages more than 4 million courses per week.

“We are extremely pleased that iCabbi’s recognition of the importance of keeping the team together and to retain these high quality jobs in Montreal. It thus allows us to continue to contribute to the improvement of an ecosystem of local and international technology in mobility “, said by press release the vice-president in charge of products in North America to iCabbi, Yasha Sekhavat.

The company iCabbi has entered into a strategic partnership with the Renault group in June 2018. The investment has enabled iCabbi to increase its development teams and customer service, among others.