The Ingalls: if unable to protect my son from the coronavirus, leaving to play in the NBA, I agree

Forward of Utah jazz ‘s Joe Ingles said without hesitation throw career as a NBA player, if it will help to protect his son Jacob from the coronavirus.

“If I now say that I no longer have to play in the NBA, to protect Jacob from this, will immediately agree. Fly away to Australia and never in my life won’t be in any League. I would have easily went for it. Went from the gym straight into that I would go to the airport.

I am not going to doubt this decision because I don’t want to put my family in danger. Don’t want Jacob went through it”, — quotes the words of Ingles Bleacher Report.

The NBA suspended the season due to a pandemic coronavirus. The players are currently in quarantine. The outbreak of the disease caused by a coronavirus, was recorded at the end of December 2019 in the most densely populated city in Central China — 12-million city of Wuhan.


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