The Impact will have the chance to achieve a rare feat in its history Saturday

L’Impact aura la chance de réaliser un exploit rare dans son histoire samedi

Photo: Tony Avelar Associated Press
The Impact will try to win a second game on the road during a regular season for only the third time in its history in MLS.

Hospitality is not the highest quality MLS teams. To such a degree that a victory of the Montreal Impact Saturday in Houston to face the Dynamo, would almost feat.

As she began her eighth campaign in the largest circuit of soccer in North America, montreal will attempt to win a second game on the road during a regular season for only the third time in its history in MLS.

The Impact has achieved such a tour de force in 2013, during its first two parts of the calendar, and again in October 2015. The montreal eleven has finished each of those seasons, with four victories abroad, a plateau that he reached three times in all, never surpass it, since entering the league in 2012.

“It’s like that for the majority of the teams. The MLS is recognized as a league homers , “said Patrice Bernier, former star of the Impact, speaking of the difficulties of the various courses to sign up wins away from their supporters.

“On average, teams are going to win four away games during a season. The good teams will win six or seven ; the least good, one or two, ” he adds.

Close to reality

The estimates Bernier are pretty close to reality. Since the arrival with the Impact in MLS, only two teams — the Earthquakes of San Jose (9) in 2012, and the Atlanta United FC (10) in 2018 — have garnered at least nine wins on the road in the course of a season, on a possible total of seventeen. Seven others since 2012 have registered eight victories in enemy territory.

In return, four teams — including the issue of the Impact of 2014 — have been unable to win a single game outside of their home in the course of a season, and eleven others have been limited to a single gain.

Including the triumph of 2-1 last Saturday in San Jose, the Impact has a record of 21 victories, 69 defeats and 30 draws in 120 parties on the road.

“I’ve often compared the MLS to Europe, and not France, Italy or Germany,” noted the head coach of the Impact, Rémi Garde, Thursday morning.

“If one takes it at the level of the distances, it is almost the same thing. It is as if you were going to play on Tuesday, against a Finnish team and then Saturday you go to Palermo, in the south of Italy. You will not have the same climate, the same culture, tactics, the same story in football. It is a little bit the same here. Therefore, it is this which sometimes makes things a little more difficult. “

In such a context, it goes without saying that the Impact players would be at the peak of happiness by throwing their difficult schedule, which includes eight of their first nine parts to the outside — with two victories in attacking.

“It would be huge “, has described goalkeeper Evan Bush on Thursday.

“When we saw those first three games before the break for international attention — including that of 16 march in Orlando — we have circled and told us that we had to deal with the idea of winning them, rather than go looking for a point here and there. It is important to try to win these matches, because we really have nothing to lose, especially with the first two against teams outside of our association. If we can amass six points in the first two games, or even the first three, we will put the basics of a good stay abroad to start the season. “