The handball Federation of Russia made a statement about the coronavirus

The handball Federation of Russia published a statement on the current situation of the coronavirus, which worldwide mass transfer and canceling sporting events.

“In connection with the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Russia and the world the power of our country and other countries have taken strict measures to limit the mobility of the population to reduce the risk of infection. These measures affect not only the schedule but also on the habitual way of life of athletes, coaches and fans.

The speed of propagation of coronaviruses, despite all efforts, not on the decline, so we believe that the restrictive measures will be at least the medium term. In this regard, the handball Federation of Russia recommends:

The RHF Executive Committee to consider the final stage of the championship of Russia of a season-2019/2020 in the summer with the draft of the European calendar of competitions submitted by the European handball Federation.

Clubs, schools, sections, in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal and regional authorities to suspend training in the halls and in the open air and to send the players and the coaching staff is on vacation until further notice.

Foreign experts and players in the shortest possible time, preferably today, to leave Russia and join their families, to avoid the risk of blocking in the country far away from home for the duration of the restrictive measures.

The coaching staff of the clubs to develop a timetable for individual training of players, and the players need to stick to that schedule to keep in shape.

These measures will certainly create some difficulties for the Federation, clubs, players and all fans of handball in our country. However, the health of the players, coaches and fans is a top priority for us.

We continue to monitor the spread of the coronavirus, are in constant contact with the relevant Federal and regional authorities and healthcare institutions. FGR will continue promptly and fully to inform about the change of the situation and their plans,” — said in a statement the Federation.


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