“The guerrilla of the plain”: to ensure that with vigilance

«Guérilla de l’ordinaire»: veiller avec vigilance

Photo: Mikaël Theimer
This creation embodies, quite naturally, issues of diversity, manages to elicit laughter as well as tears, to express anger and empathy, and to feed the outrage as surely as the debate.

After Dog(s), a show upsetting about the ins and outs of the anxiety in the feminine, the artistic co-directors of the Theatre of the Hungry, Marie-ÈveMilot and Marie-Claude St-Laurent, finish their residency at the salle Jean-Claude-Germain in the Centre of the Theatre of today by creating Guerrilla-of-the-ordinary, an ingenious juxtaposition of speeches, primarily concerning the sexism, the violence terribly many, and sadly mundane, that are made to women.

To respond to the wave of misunderstanding, which follows the disappearance of Claude, the relatives of the young woman organize a vigil. While some are there to pay homage to him, to gather in his memory, others are present to enforce them. There is his sister (Pascale Drevillon), his friend activist (Jonathan Caron), her roommate (Maxime D. Pomerleau), his ex-spouse (Maxime De Cotret) and the one who now occupies his room deserted (SarahLaurdendeau), but also a woman (Myriam De Verger), a politician (Marie-Claude St-Laurent) and, finally, that in which the intervention will have the effect of a coup de théâtre (Sun Launière).

On the plateau, a large mirror and votives. Just above, we see Mathilde Laurier, whose music gives a pulse that is essential to the representation. In this sequence of short scenes, contrasting alternate two registers. The first, it is the one of the exchanges that take place during the vigil, dialogues where the mourning was fulfilled as he can, monologues where the memories come to the surface, again loaded of regret or remorse. In these moments, the absent seems to be ubiquitous.

The second register, it’s an anthology of moments comical, often satirical, a lightweight way to address serious problems, to highlight these scourges which are undermining the life in society : sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, grossophobie, ageism, ableism, classism and colonialism. The musical chair game (relentless illustration of the concept of privilege) to the scene of the hit-and-run (which is used to evoke the guilt of the victims of rape) by way of the enumeration of the feminist activists (poignant counterpoint to their invisibilisation), the show often aims just.

With a creation that embodies all of course the issues of diversity — whether it is bodily, sexual, cultural, gender, or identity, who manages to elicit laughter as well as tears, to express anger and empathy, to feed the outrage as surely as the debate, Marie-Ève Milot, Marie-Claude St-Laurent bring to the theatre practice contemporary québécois a renewal exhilarating.

The guerrilla of the ordinary

Text : Marie-Ève Milot, Marie-Claude St-Laurent. Directed by : Marie-Ève Milot. A production of the Theatre of the Hungry. At the salle Jean-Claude Germain of the Center of the Theatre from today until 28 march.