The Government extended the ban on the entry of foreign tourists until April 30

    The Government extended the ban on the entry of foreign tourists until April 30

    Foreign tourists will not be able to enter Argentina until at least April 30

    On the first day of the new measures to combat the second wave of coronavirus, the national government reported that will extend from tomorrow the prohibition of entry to the country of foreign tourists. It will be until April 30.

    “Anyone who is not Argentine and wants to enter the country with the purpose of doing tourism will not be able to do so”, they advanced from the environment of the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero.

    In addition, there will be new requirements for carriers and crews.. Regarding those who access by land, foreign citizens must have a negative COVID test carried out within 72 hours of entering the country, while Argentines must have an antigen test done within the same period.

    The same will also be asked to the Argentines who arrive in ships. In these cases, on the other hand, foreigners must remain on board and will not have relief in the country.

    Regarding the air arrivals, foreigners must mobilize under bubble modality in the country and comply with health protocols, while Argentines will have the obligation to carry out antigen tests at least every 15 days or less, in addition to declaring the places where they were the previous 14 days upon re-entry.

    The Government extended the ban on the entry of foreign tourists until April 30

    Argentines who return to the country from abroad must undergo several tests

    As has been happening, each resident who returns to the country will have to a test to be able to board the plane bound for Argentina. In addition, it should be done another test upon arrival and one more on the seventh day of admission. The cost of these screening tests will be in charge of the passenger.

    Those who are positive, at the time of entry, must carry out another genomic sequencing test and, together with their close contacts, they will have to fulfill isolation in the places indicated by the national authorities, until their safe transfer to the residence, if applicable. Both the stay in these places and the sequencing test will also be borne by the passenger.

    Instead, In the event that they are negative in the test, upon admission they will conduct isolation at their homes – they are obliged to isolate themselves for 10 days, counted from the first test carried out in the country of origin-, and they will have to take a new test to finish it.

    Passengers will be controlled while they have to perform mandatory isolation. If a breach is verified, a criminal complaint will be filed in accordance with arts. 205 and 239 of the Penal Code (for violation of measures against epidemics and disobedience to public authority).

    As daily COVID-19 infections continue to escalate –24,130 cases were registered in the last 24 hours, a new recordFlights from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Chile, Brazil and Mexico will continue to be suspended until April 30, countries that have a high community circulation of different strains.

    The Government recommended to Argentine citizens and residents “do not travel abroad, especially to those who make up risk groups, in order to avoid the difficulties and sanitary conditions required upon re-entry, considering the rapid evolution of epidemiological conditions ”.

    The Government extended the ban on the entry of foreign tourists until April 30

    At the Ezeiza airport, controls on passengers from abroad began on March 27

    Among the measures imposed to stop the spread of infections, there is the suspension for the whole country of group trips for graduates, study, retirees, tourist groups and for non-official sports competitions as well as for recreational and social activities. That does not mean that domestic tourism is temporarily prohibited.

    A few hours after the Decree of Necessity and Urgency that made the new restrictions official was published, the Government clarified the situation of domestic tourism. “There is no type of prohibition to make trips, tourism is allowed”, he claimed Matias Lammens, the Minister of Tourism and Sports.

    “As for what we do take measures is group trips, trips for graduates and retirees, which we do detect there is a significant risk. That is why we made the determination to temporarily suspend them and to ask the companies to reschedule them, ”the official clarified.

    “For what has to do with local tourism, what a family can do by getting in their car, there is no prohibition. Even there is no type of restriction on transport, both land and air. Whoever has a package taken out can travel around the country. Of course, with all the protocols that we ask so much to be followed, ”insisted Lammens.


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