The festival of the literary internet magazine “Punctum” this year will be dedicated to Regina Lake The news

Riga, July 8, LETA. This year, the literary internet magazine “Punctum” will dedicate the festival, which will take place from August 17 to August 27, to the prose classic Regina Ezera, who turned 90 last year, Laura Brokāne, a representative of the event organizers, informed LETA.

The festival will be held under the slogan “Most likely not”, borrowing it from the title of the Lake Book. The festival will feature readings, performances and concerts by Latvian and foreign writers, as well as lectures and discussions.

The “Punctum” festival will focus on important themes in Lake Prose – violence, trauma, doubt and insecurity. Brokāne explained that the writer’s works sharply highlight the shadows of abuse and trauma over several generations.

For example, in the novel Violence, she writes, “As long as there is a ‘right to kill’ because I am the crown of a creature, because I am white, because I have a more properly shaped skull, because I am who I am, so that I belong to a larger nation, because I can do it with impunity, because I have a weapon, let us be afraid of our children. “

The lecture will be led by Aleksandrs Etkinds, a researcher of memories, authors from Latvia, Italy, the USA, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark, as well as musicians Vladislavs Nastavševs, Sniedze Prauliņa, the group “Lakes”, performances by artists Signe Valtiņa, Anna Salmane, Agnese. Krivade and others. The festival will also feature literary activities for children, created by writer Santa Remere with artists Elīna Brasliņš and Vivianna Marius Stanislavska.

This year, the “Punctum” festival will take place in different parts of Riga, mainly outside the center.

During the festival, a book “Regīna Ezera. Re” will be purchased, in which a number of contemporary Latvian authors have given their interpretations of Regīna Ezera’s prose. The editor of the collection of stories is Ieva Melgalve, the project manager is Elvira Bloma, the book and festival designer is Aleksejs Muraško.

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