The FAR Rugby 7 Cup faces the fifth and final matchday

    The FAR Rugby 7 Cup faces the fifth and final matchday

    The competition of Rugby Siete faces the end of the season with the dispute of the fifth series of the Tournament of Copa FAR of rugby of this category in the feminine modality. This time it will be the playing field of Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, in the Cadiz municipality of San Roque, where the team is based. Holmes Sotogrande CR Narrow, the place where the meetings will take place.

    The team University of Seville A he has been the great dominator of the competition, winning in the first four series. In fact, already with the championship in their pocket, the university students go to the last appointment again with three teams and with the mission of shaping the group for the Andalusia Championship which will begin on April 24 in Córdoba. In this competition, the future is more complicated as powerful teams such as the Veleta grenadian,
    the Malaga University or the Athletic Portuense.

    However, the Sevillian team thinks about the matches that are located around the corner. Therefore, this Saturday April 10, the University of Seville A, framed in the Group A, will start playing their matches at 10:30 against CR Bay’89 to continue at 13:20 with the CR Olavide Sciences. Apparently, he is expected to have no problems or suffer to reach the semifinals of the series. As for the finals of this fifth round, they will begin at 4:20 p.m.

    For his part, second team del Uni, framed in Group B, will start against the team C de la Hispalense at 10:50 and then against CR Marbella at 1:40 p.m. for the same purpose. The quarry team, after facing their teammates early in the morning, will have their opportunity at 12:10 in front of the Costa del Sol to ratify the good sensations that he has left in previous editions of the championship and try to get, at least, in the Silver Cup.

    Carlos Benito, coach of the Sevillanas, this time has the casualties of Aya Cabeza, Camila, Peque and María Montero, and has commented that they are going to “make changes in this series.” To which he added that they must “carry out the necessary tests to reach the Andalusian Championship in the best terms and make sure that the game system works independently of the team that forms at a given moment. “In any case, they go to Guadiaro” for all “and to bring” the fifth trophy consecutive“.

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