«The family is expanding. My husband and I are about to become parents … “

«The family is expanding.  My husband and I are about to become parents … “

Stefania Orlando, the tender announcement: “The family grows. My husband and I are ready to welcome him …». The former gieffina (54 years old), third classified at the last edition of Big Brother Vip, told herself in an interview with the weekly Oggi and talked about a sweet news.

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Thirteen years after the beginning of her love affair with the musician Simone Gianlorenzi and two years after yes, the couple is ready to expand the family. “I confess – explains Stefania Orlando – that with my husband Simone we intend to start foster care to look after a teenager without a family. We both feel the need to care and give our love to someone who really needs it. Here, this was for me the real Big Brother miracle and I hope that our family will soon grow».

The showgirl then commented on her upcoming participation in Tale and Which Show as a competitor. “It’s a show I’ve always liked a lot. Those who participate not only can express their singing talent, they must also enter the body and psychology of the character they play».

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