The doctor Chernomorets suggested, when the pandemic coronavirus

Specialist gave consolation.

Врач Черноморца предположил, когда закончится пандемия коронавируса

The doctor Chernomorets Odessa Vasiliy Voznyuk in an interview to the official website of the sailors suggested that the pandemic coronavirus retreat.

“In mid-March, before you went home, all the players had individual assignments from coaches to maintain their physical form.

Now guys, as far as I know, daily basis send videos of their classroom. All the work, it’s not a holiday or vacation. Good physical condition also helps to strengthen the immune system”

“Here come the warm weather, and it’s all over. I think that in April the sun will destroy the virus, and the pandemic begins to subside. First of all, in Odessa and elsewhere in the South,” – said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that the who has begun testing vaccines against coronavirus


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