The decision to ABM to be absent from the Jamboree in 2018 it may have saved the life

La décision d’ABM de s’absenter du Jamboree en 2018 lui a peut-être sauvé la vie

Photo: Jonathan Hayward, The canadian Press
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand in the olympic Games in Pyeongchang

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand may have saved his life by choosing not to participate in the Jamboree in Quebec city, last year. This is at least a part of the conclusion to which he arrived after being recently found in the heart of an avalanche.

The freestyle skier 25-year-old was close to losing his life at the beginning of the month of February at Guardsman Pass, Utah, after a landing missed in attempting a manoeuvre had triggered an avalanche while he was skiing in a place that is not tagged. “ABM” is then found buried under about 45 cm of snow — for about 60 seconds, according to him —, and had it not been for the quick intervention of his cameraman, as well as the team that accompanied him, he would probably have perished.

“I was unable to move, but I had learned, by following a beginner’s course first aid in situation of an avalanche, what to do if one day I found myself buried, was told by one who has lived this experience for the first time in his life. It was scary ; I would have been able to stay there. Fortunately, I had learned that if you can not move your limbs, then you should try to move the head to create an air hole that will allow you to survive as long as possible. “

A recovery of several days

The main person concerned has admitted in an interview with The canadian Press on Thursday that it took several days to recover from his misadventure. With the benefit of hindsight, therefore, it has attributed part of his survival to his decision to make the impasse on the Jamboree in Quebec city in march 2018.

“It was two years that I trained so super intense for the olympic Games in Pyeongchang, and I didn’t have the desire to participate in another trial noted, he narrated, in reference to the Jamboree. I wanted to try to do something more creative, and it is there that a team has offered me a shoot in the canadian West. I told myself that I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to learn more in this sphere of the ski, because my goal has always been to make the most of things as possible — whether in the “back country ” or in urban areas.

“I am super happy [to have made this decision], because all the experience and things I learned while skiing in trails not marked the last year I have probably saved the life “, he confided.

ABM wants the return of the slopestyle

The bronze medalist in slopestyle at the Games in Pyeongchang in 2018, will attempt to cap a dream season on the occasion of the Jamboree, which will take place from 15 to 17 march at the island Flower of Quebec.

Beaulieu-Marchand became this year the first skier in the history of X Games Aspen to be medalist in the events of slopestyle (silver), big air (money) and real skiing (bronze) — a contest where participants must submit a video of 90 seconds of skiing in the urban environment — in a single edition.

Quebec has also won the bronze medal in slopestyle at the world Championships of freestyle skiing in Park City, Utah, as well as the bronze in the same event at the Dew Tour, just before Christmas. Interviewed to know the reasons why he has had so much success this season, he did not hesitate a second.

“I knew to stay healthy. I have suffered big injuries in 2015 and 2016, and I’ve been annoyed by back injuries and a knee during the Games to Pyeongchang last winter, has-t-he first mentioned. I am now in a better place, mentally and physically. I am focused only on my skiing and not on other distractions, and I think that is what explains my success. “

Beaulieu-Marchand will therefore be part of the favorites to win the big air competition in front of his family and his friends at the Jamboree, even if it recognizes that the conditions are not optimal to allow him to express his creativity on his jumps.

“What is difficult in the island of Flowers, is that the scaffolds are not very high, so the amplitude of our jumps is limited — especially compared to the big air at the X Games or the World championships, he said. I am more comfortable on the jumps that allow me to maneuver from level A and A+. Here, I will have to find a way to confine myself to perform any maneuvers level B, different from the “triple flip”. I’ll still try to concoct something. “

The Quebec concluded by stating that he would like to see the organization of the Jamboree returns to its old formula, with a test of slopestyle in Stoneham, because according to him, the prospect of participating in two events instead of one is more appealing for athletes.

“If it had been a test of the big air elsewhere in the world, I probably would have decided not to participate, he admitted bluntly. But since it is in Quebec, at me, I’m going to go out there and try my luck. “

His previous involvement at the Jamboree in 2017, ” ABM ” was not able to cross the qualification of the big air.