The decision of Ottawa on the 737 MAX 8 because of the headache

La décision d’Ottawa sur les 737 MAX 8 cause des maux de tête

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Thousands of travellers were forced to queue for hours, on Wednesday, the check-in counters of airlines so that it redirects them to new flights after the suspension of the right of flight for the aircraft B737 MAX.

The closure of canadian airspace to aircraft 737 MAX 8 has given some trouble to the customers of Boeing and to many passengers, sometimes stuck in an airport where they were queuing to change their booking.

While companies like Air Canada and WestJet have indicated that they would move forward instantly to the directive of the minister of Transport, the social networks have been attacked by passengers concerned about their situation.

“We strive to be rerouted to the affected customers as soon as possible,” said Air Canada, which carries an average of ‘9000 to 12 000 passengers per day” in the planes referred to.

Air Canada, which has 24 models affected by the ban, has warned that because of the flight ban put in place by Ottawa, and its service centres would be swamped with calls and that the clients should therefore allow for delays. That said, the company ” supports the decision of Transport Canada “.

The carrier WestJet, which also supports the gesture of Ottawa, said that he would try to establish new reservations “as quickly as possible” for its passengers. The company has so far received 13 of these devices.

Stuck at the Palm Beach international airport, Florida, Éric Lachapelle has made the tail for a few hours to speak to an Air Canada employee in order to establish a new reservation. It will take off, finally on Friday, he said the Duty, but it will be up to Miami, about 1 hour and 45 minute drive.

For travelers, there are certain remedies, but they depend on “the destination, the origin and regulation in place,” said Jacob Charbonneau, p.-d. g. and co-founder of the Web site Flight delay. In addition to the arrangements with the carriers, there may be travel insurance or, for those who have done business with an agency, the use of the compensation Fund for customers of travel agents.