“The day was awesome!” Trankov — life in quarantine

Two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Maxim Trankov told in quarantine, the introduction of which was caused by the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. Trankov conducts quarantine with his wife Tatiana Volosozhar, also a former figure skater, and her daughter Angelica.

“The quarantine. Day 3rd. Today just went for a long walk in my backyard. Out of the gate, the only trash to throw out. Incidentally, we have no immediate neighbours.

Walking along the forest and watched a woodpecker, who calmly knocked on the pine trees, sometimes flying from one to another. Then cleaned up our makeshift katachek for training Angelica, and her mother again practiced figure skating at home. Collected all the “snowdrops”, which during the winter “was being” Dexter.
The day was gorgeous. Flooded the bath, worried and drive all the muck accumulated in the journey, continue to smile,” wrote Trankov in his instagram.


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