The cost of gamers to the game in April was $ 10.5 billion Is a record industry

Analysis Agency SuperData has published the results of a study of the spending of gamers for in-game bonuses. Based on the results, the figure was $ 10.5 billion — $ 500 million more than in March. Thus, set a new record for the industry.

It is logical that the monthly increase is the result not only of the gaming industry, but also a pandemic of the coronavirus that caused a great number of people spend more time at home.

The leader in sales for April was again Animal Crossing: New Horizon, which boasts 3.6 million purchased copies. This game took first place in revenue on consoles. In the top-3 went Final Fantasy VII Remake and FIFA 20. The leaders on this indicator in the segment of PC games have become League of Legends, Dungeon Fighter Online and Crossfire.

The results of the survey can be found on the official website SuperData.

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