The climate of Montreal will look like the one in Philadelphia in 60 years

Le climat de Montréal ressemblera à celui de Philadelphie dans 60 ans

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
In 60 years, it could be too hot in Quebec than in the south-west Ontario, on the shores of lake Erie.

“If the trend continues,” the climate in Montreal in the 60-year-old could look something like the one today in Philadelphia, 700 km to the south.

And he could make it as warm in Quebec than in the south-west Ontario, on the shores of lake Erie.

A researcher from the University of Maryland, has published today an interactive map that predicts, roughly, the changes in climate in 530 cities in the United States and a dozen cities in Canada, from weather data already available. Matt Fitzpatrick predicts, in fact, what city could compare each of them in 2080.

The researcher’s plan, as well as in Montreal, the climate will be akin to that of Chester, a small town in the south-west of Philadelphia where it is today to 4.2 degrees above the summer average, and where the rainfall is higher than 12 %.

The winters in Quebec are comparable to those of Chatham, near Detroit : one will win and 7.3 degrees, and there will be 30 % less rainfall. In Ottawa, we will gain of 3.3 degrees in the summer and people think they are like in Chicago today. To Saint-John, New-Brunswick, the summers will be warmer by an average of 4.8 degrees, as currently in Long Island, New York — 850 km to the south.

In Vancouver, we believe in Seattle, and Calgary will have the air of Spearfish, 1300 km to the south-east, in South Dakota.

Mr. Fitzpatrick admits that his analogies are approximate : they do not take into account the exceptional meteorological conditions, and the climate in some cities will resemble nothing of what currently prevails. But he argues that this interactive map allows the general public to understand how the world is changing alongside climate.