The City of Montreal invited to increase the number of school crossing guards

Le Ville de Montréal invitée à hausser le nombre de brigadiers scolaires

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Archives The Duty
The number of school crossing guards has not increased since 20 years in Montreal, despite the increase in school attendance.

Montreal is expected to revise upwards the budget allocated for the hiring of school crossing guards to better respond to the growing needs of the schools of the territory, recommends that the Committee of public safety of the City of Montreal. It was also suggested that crossing guards may be stationed on pedagogical days.

The committee is chaired by councillor Alex Norris has approved on Tuesday morning, to the majority, a series of recommendations on school crossing guards, whose number has not increased since 20 years in Montreal, despite the increase of school attendance.

The elected members recommend that the budget for this service to be “reviewed” to reflect better the needs of educational institutions. “I trust that with this recommendation, there will be an increase in the budget dedicated to school crossing guards,” said Alex Norris.

Elected officials have also echoed also at the request of the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) who, in February last, had recommended that the service of school crossing guards is maintained during pedagogical days. Despite the leave granted to the students, they are likely to go to school to participate in activities of the daycare service, had argued the CSDM.

The commission also recommends that to remedy another deficiency raised by the CSDM. It was reported that the schedule of school crossing guards do not match always with that of the schools served.

The elected members urge the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), which manages the service of school crossing guards, refine and modernize the criteria for risk analysis at intersections, by working more closely with public health experts and wearing a queue particular to the complexity of the interactions between pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and truck drivers at the intersections involved.

Ambiguity ?

A majority of members supported the recommendations. The advisor of the opposition Abdelhaq Sari has, however, filed a minority report, stating that the recommendation calling for a review of the budget dedicated to school crossing guards was not clear enough and did not correspond to the request made by the opposition in a motion filed in August 2018. It referred to a higher unequivocally of this budget, ” said Mr. Sari.

Mr. Sari believes that clarity should be preferred as much as the SPVM has stated last February that the increase in school attendance was not necessarily proportional to the number of school crossing guards. “This quote worried me “, he said. “I can’t let the SPVM king and master to increase or not the number of crossing guards. “

The adviser of All Montréal has argued that in several issues, such as stun guns and hand-held cameras, the administration Plant seemed to be afraid of upsetting the POLICE.

This position has given rise to an exchange acrimonious between the adviser Sari and Alex Norris. The president of the commission criticized Mr. Sari to have changed opinion in the course of the discussions and evidence of partisanship misplaced. “It allows you to increase your profile in the media, perhaps ? “Abdelhaq Sari said,” do not be a person to Kodak “.