The chief doctor of the NHL — of the coronavirus among players will still be cases of infection

The chief medical officer of the NHL Winne Meeuwisse shared his opinion about future trends in the development of the pandemic coronavirus.

“It is difficult to predict in which direction the pandemic will evolve, how long it will last. But we believe that the situation will get worse first and then improves. We have a good idea of the situation. It’s been almost two weeks, and the likelihood of the disease at this stage is not very big. But this does not mean that no one will be infected. I believe that this will happen as the spread of infection. Positive tests among players will still be.

The resumption of the season? If we want to gather people in one place, we need to make sure that players and staff are completely healthy they are not infected. We need to know that collecting players, even small groups, we are not increasing the risk of the spread of coronavirus. We also need to assess the risks on a large scale. We have 31 club, and they are located in different cities. The situation they may differ from each other.

During a hockey game is easy to transmit the infection because the players are next to each other in the same room. The team is going to travel together, all flying in one plane, and so on. It jeopardizes all”, – quotes Meeuwisse the press service of the NHL.


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