The Canadian will be a team that is similar to the face of the Islanders

Le Canadien retrouvera une équipe qui lui est semblable face aux Islanders

Photo: Julie Jacobson Associated Press
“This is a team that works extremely hard and he will not take it lightly, noted the center Phillip Danault. They are not where they are for nothing.”

The Canadian may have the impression of playing against him-even when he will face the New York Islanders on Thursday night.

As was the case with the Habs, the expectations were rather modest against the Islanders at the beginning of the season. The team had just lost the services of its sole superstar, John Tavares, and she had finished the last rank of the circuit in terms of goals granted.

But now the Islanders were second in the Metropolitan section before games of Wednesday, and were the best defense in the circuit.

The arrival of Barry Trotz behind the bench there is certainly for something. After winning the Stanley cup with the Washington Capitals, Trotz has decided to take on a new challenge. Up here, we can say that it has successfully met.

“When you have a coach who has just won that can fit in your locker room, he commands respect, has noted the attacker of the Canadian Brendan Gallagher in commenting on the season of the Islanders. As a player, you know that if you apply what he teaches, you have the chance to reach your dream. The players have bought her a salad, and it shows in their game. The team is at the forefront and it is this that makes it hard to beat. “

Attack soft

A bit like the canadiens, the Islanders don’t rely on big stars to the attack. Mathew Barzal is the best pointer to the team with 55 points in 69 parts. But unlike the Habs, there’s no Shea Weber on the blue line or Carey Price in front of the net.

“This is a team that works extremely hard and he will not take it lightly, noted the center Phillip Danault. They are not where they are for nothing. They have a good system and they adhere to it. There are certainly similarities between the Islanders and us. “

The Islanders could count on the return to the game of goalie Robin Lehner on Thursday. Lehner has suffered an injury on the upper body, march 5, in the face of the Ottawa Senators. Trotz was still waiting for the green light from doctors on Wednesday.

Lehner presents the third average circuit, 2.19, and the fourth rate of effectiveness ,927.

For its part, the Canadian will have the opportunity to retake possession of the last pass additional giving access to the playoffs in the Association Is, in front of the Blue Jackets of Columbus. These will be on leave on Thursday, before hosting the Hurricanes in Carolina on Friday.

The Canadian has rebounded on Tuesday after it concluded its California trip on a bad note. He did forget the back of their 8-2 cashed in the face of the Ducks of Anaheim beat the Detroit Red Wings, 3-1. Head coach Claude Julien had admitted that his troops had not offered a perfect performance in the face of the Wings, but he nevertheless hopes to see it continue on its own momentum.

“When we replions well defensively, we don’t give many chances to the opponent, and when we attack the opposition’s net in the right way, we get scoring chances,” noted Julien. This is not a big secret in our game plan, but it is necessary that everyone is involved. “

Victory group

“We do not have the elements like other teams that have superstars that are able to do the vast majority of the work necessary to win. We must do this in a group. If three trios work, but not the other, this is not enough for us. “

The Canadian will also find the Nassau Coliseum for the first time since the march 14, 2015. The Islanders have decided to reconnect with their former supporters to Uniondale this season. Infatuation is very strong up here.

“At the beginning of my career, it was rather quiet, and there was not a lot of spectators, recalled Gallagher. But during the last few seasons, before their move to Brooklyn, the fans were present, and it is an arena noisy. I think the supporters are happy to see the team. It’s always more fun for players to play in an environment that is more lively. “

The Canadian has won its last four games at Nassau Coliseum. He presented a record of 4-1-0 in his five visits to the Barclays Center.