The button called six of the best pilots of modern Formula 1

The Formula 1 world champion 2009, Jenson button has called six of the best racers. He chose them from among those with whom he had a chance to play at one time.

“I’ll call six riders. Among those with whom I had a chance to speak. So at least I will be able to judge their capabilities. I always found it difficult to make comparisons, for example between Fangio and Hamilton.

Includes a list of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. They were my companions. Both incredibly talented, but in different things.

Sebastian Vettel. To win four titles in a row is a huge achievement.

I should also tell max Verstappen. Yeah, I haven’t raced with him for many years. But saw his performance in difficult conditions like at the Grand Prix of Brazil 2016. It was something incredible. He squeezed out of the car absolutely all of its features. Every time at the entrance to the first corner it seemed that he lost control. Any other rider has five times would have broken the car, but he continued.

Two more riders I will call out the time when I was just beginning a career. Mika Hakkinen, as well as, obviously, the great Michael Schumacher”, – quotes the Button Planet F1.

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