The brother of the ex-midfielder “Ajax” Nuri: APPI shows emotion, often a smile

The abderrahim Nouri, the brother of 21-year-old Ajax midfielder of Abdelhak Nouri, told about the state of the player, who suffered a heart attack in a friendly match against Werder Bremen in July 2017.

“He’s not asleep, he sleeps, he eats, but he doesn’t get out of bed. In good times there is some form of communication, it moves the eyebrows. He just can’t so long to do it. Think it’s the best sport for him. Appy knows that he’s home. Good for him that he is in familiar surroundings with his family. We pretend that he is not sick. We talk with him, talk and watch football. We notice that he likes it. He shows emotion, often a smile appears. It’s good for us”, — quotes the words of the brother of the football player De Telegraaf, citing De Wereld Draait Door.


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