The bitter end of the fight between Höppner and Jirešová: Reconciliation before death?

The bitter end of the fight between Höppner and Jirešová: Reconciliation before death?

For those who don’t happen to know: Ondřej Höppner he wanted his daughter into alternating care, Ivana Jirešová was against. This was the beginning of their struggle, when neither wanted to back down. “When Ondřej and I once broke up, we dealt with the custody of our daughter. I then tried with him for about ten years. There were big lies. The fatal blow for me was the execution of a three-year-old child, or the removal of a child by force for some reason. The reason was that I didn’t hand over my daughter at exactly 4 pm on Sunday, “ described by Ivana Jirešová during an interview in the show Limuzína with Míra Heywhat was going on between them.

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It is said that Jirešová then sought help wherever she could. For social workers and in children’s crisis centers. “I took many steps to talk to Ondřej. But he never heard or reacted to them. “ recalls an actress known from the Surgery in the Rose Garden. After all, the court entrusted Sofia to the care of Jirešová at the age of fourteen. However, their daughter did not betray her father.

Reconciliation before death

According to Jirešová, when Ondřej Höppner was burdened, he made a reconciling gesture. “He came to see me himself because he felt he was no longer well. I think he wanted to leave with a clear shield. I forgave him long before. It was all so hard for me that I already know that one cannot live with hatred. I would recommend everyone to forgive. Otherwise one will not get anywhere. We are in the world to settle all the wrongs. Sometimes it’s not an act, but just that inner forgiveness, “ added by actress according to

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