The Art Center ‘Noass’ will have a short film and a conversation-performance ‘Set Sound to Can Lis’

The Art Center ‘Noass’ will have a short film and a conversation-performance ‘Set Sound to Can Lis’

On July 23 this year, from 5 pm to 7.30 pm, an event will take place at the Noass Art Center on the AB dam, where for the first time in Riga you will be able to watch the short film “Set Sound to Can Lis” and a conversation-performance with artists Eva Vēvere (Latvia) Holkai (Gudrun Holck, Denmark).

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According to the organizers of “Delfi”, this will be an opportunity for a wider audience to get acquainted with the short film by meeting the authors in person and discussing the possibilities of sound, visual art and performance in connection with experiencing and activating architecture. The conversation – performance will be started under the guidance of musicologist Dāvis Enģelis, but further performative interventions will be included, in which the audience will be invited to become a part of the event.

In 2020, the artists took a residence in Can Lis, a summer house in Spain designed by the Sydney Opera House and the world-famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The short film produced in the residence offers an intense visual and audio experience outside the language space. The ideas developed by Can Lis offer references to mythological images, experiences of indoor-outdoor-light relationships through moving image and sound, and a new interpretation of the ways in which one can experience a particular place, in this case important in the context of world architecture. In their work, the authors look for new ways to experience Can Lis, creating a cascade of emotionally charged audiovisual stories. Latvian photo and video artist Valdis Jansons participated in the creation of the film and later, Norwegian sound artist and producer Lasse Marhaug, in processing the musical material of the work.

Conversation – performance languages ​​will be English and Latvian. The film uses only audio communication, without references to a specific language.

Admission to the event is free, but only with a valid Covid-19 certificate confirming the fact of vaccination or illness.

The film will be shown again at this year’s contemporary and video art festival “Water Pieces” organized by “Noass” on September 15, within the framework of the Latvian video art selection program.

“” Set Sound To “is a concept created by visual artist Eva Vēvere and Danish vocalist and performer Gudruna Holka, which so far (2018-2021) has been implemented in projects in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia, each time choosing an iconic place as the center of work. Eva Vēvere creates visual solutions for this project, working with space, structure, images, various materials, photo and video materials, as well as participating in the development and realization of performance concepts, formats, and Gudruna Holka implements musical ideas and performances in the project. also professionals in other cultural fields.

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