That is possible and impossible children during an outbreak of coronavirus

Что можно и нельзя детям во время эпидемии коронавируса

The subtleties of social distancing for the little ones.

Is it possible to bring children on the street

Yes. Fresh air and movement is needed for everyone, and children especially. Thus it is better to not go to playgrounds and parks. They have more open seats and it is easier to keep distance between people. According to the recommendations On the basic principles of quarantine in home of the CPS, it must be at least 1 meter. Bring your own toys and balls and do not be lazy to clean them after each trip.

Is it possible to play on the Playground

Difficult to answer unequivocally. On the one hand, this increases the risk, because children touch everything and often pull something in my mouth. And disinfect the entire area impossible. On the other — children need mobile games. Look at how many on-site people. If a lot of them, to be on it unsafe.

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Is it possible to arrange meetings with other children

John Williams (John Williams), the head of the Department of pediatric infectious diseases children’s hospital of Pittsburgh, advises to refrain from doing so. However, this is not always possible if you have a large family. For example, you and your siblings have small children.

It would be better to gather all in one place that they have chosen someone from the family. In this case, the most important — the closed circle. That is, that children saw only a certain number of other children (ideally 2-3 people).

Explain that you need to stay away from each other, not sharing drinks and food and sneezing, covering the nose with the crook of the elbow. When someone comes into the house from the street, be sure to immediately wash your hands with soap and water. Also, don’t forget to regularly clean places that are touched often: handles, light switches, TV remote.

It possible for children to see grandparents

No. Children will find it difficult to explain that it is impossible to embrace the grandparents or take them to his knees. And people over 60 years are most at risk. Especially if they have chronic diseases. So now elder relatives should stay home and minimize contact.


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Is it possible to hire a nanny

Yes, this is a good option for those who have no opportunity to work from home. Be sure to ask, not whether the person is in contact with someone sick or if symptoms himself. Ask them to check the temperature before going to the children. And don’t forget to learn how to do future nanny belongs to the coronavirus. If the person does not take him seriously, he is unlikely to observe necessary protective measures with your children.

Can quickly get the chores together

Think whether it is really necessary. The goal of social distancing is to protect the most vulnerable people in society and to limit the spread of the virus. The extra contacts that do not contribute. But if the child to leave there is nobody, and the case to be postponed does not necessarily follow the recommended preventive measures, when you’re among people.

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