Temptation Island previews fourth episode: crisis, turning points, immediate bonfire

Temptation Island previews fourth episode: crisis, turning points, immediate bonfire

Temptation Island

Manuela will find herself having to make a choice, meanwhile one of the girlfriends will be ready to have her final confrontation

Published on July 13, 2021

What will happen in the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2021? The advances announce not a few twists for the couples left in the reality show. The third appointment ended with videos that generated new disappointments. It is from these videos that the fourth evening will start, during which the Canale 5 audience will attend a new request for an immediate bonfire.

Looking for answers I am still Manuela and Stefano, Jessica e Alessandro, Natascia and Alessio, Floriana and Federico. After the happy ending of Claudia and Ste, viewers will be able to find out if the other couples will also find a meeting point. In the meantime, Filippo Bisciglia anticipates that one will arrive new request for a bonfire for immediate confrontation by one of the girlfriends.

Who will be the girl who will decide to finish her journey in the Canale 5 reality show first? After seeing Claudia request a confrontation with Ste, viewers can expect everything. But at the moment the girlfriends who might actually come to this decision are Manuela and Floriana. In particular, the second he was already in the process of requesting an immediate bonfire during the third episode.

Encouraged by her adventure companions, she decided to continue with the path. Her tears, however, did not go unnoticed and she herself admitted that she could no longer continue with this experience. Therefore, Floriana and Federico could be the next to confront Philip.

Meanwhile, while some will reach awareness, others will still find themselves having doubts. In the video of previews of the fourth episode you can see Manuela really tried.

Carriero will confront the tempter Luciano. The latter has shown that he cares a lot about her and in the course of the next appointment he will put her in front of a choice.

She will always be there, but it will be up to her to decide what to do with her future. This detail suggests that Manuela could be the girlfriend who will ask for an immediate confrontation bonfire.

In the meantime, there will be another turning point for Jessica and Alessandro. The latter will surprise his girlfriend when he approaches the temptress Charlotte. Therefore, it seems that there will be no shortage of twists in the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2021.

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