Team f-1 agreed on a new limit on the budgets and limitations for those who are more successful

May 22, held a regular meeting between the bosses of Formula 1 and the team leaders. The participants of the championship have voted for amendments in the financial regulations, which have been discussed for the last few weeks.

Lower limit the budget to $ 145 million for next season was approved. Also, the plan and for further lowering of the bar. In 2022, the limit will amount to $ 140 million, and from 2023 to 2025 teams will be allowed to spend no more than $ 135 million, reports the BBC.

In addition, there were changes in the rules of work with the aerodynamics. The best teams at the end of the season will get less time to work in the wind tunnel and CFD. In 2021 the best team will have the right to work for 90 % of this level, each next group the percentage will rise by 2.5. Thus, the worst team will be able to work at elevation is 112.5%.

In 2022, these rules will become tougher and the best team will start with a mark of 70% with each following participant will get 5% more.

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